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  • Kisumu Girls High School has been closed indefinitely.
  • A teacher  is being held in connection with unrest.


Kisumu Girls High School has been closed indefinitely following students unrest that marred the school over the weekend.

Confirming  the incident Nyanza Regional Education boss Nelson Sifuna says the police is holding one of the teacher in connection with the unrest.

He further indicated that the behavior started on Friday evening when the students refused to take part in school activities.

“It worsened yesterday when the officers from the National Government administrative unit and the Ministry of Education tried to address them at the dining hall but they were very unruly, this morning Sunday, they have woken up with increased agitations, they first went to the dining hall and wanted to play all types of music yet it’s a day to go and pray being a Sunday.” He said.

“The board held a meeting and in their deliberations and with the increased agitation from a number of them, it decided that to restore the order, the school closes as they look at their grievances before they are called back.By the end of today the board would have made a decision as to when they will be back,” Sifuna told  the media.


Possible Causes of Rampage

According to a  teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity,  trouble ensued  night when the administration declined to have music in the school as part of entertainment.

“The students were eager to have music as an entertainment but the management declined the program last night,” the teacher said.

The  students then  went on rampage, with some sitting on the fields, refusing to go sleep.

The matter then escalated on Sunday further, with students being rowdy and making noise in the school.



September 18, 2023

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