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Kisumu Human Rights Activists Decry Arrests, Intimidation By Police


Kisumu Human rights defender have condemned the arrest and alleged intimidation of their colleague by police officers from Kisumu Central Police Station.

Michael Otieno Nyaguti says that the police officers allegedly raided his home on Friday, ransacked his house before booking him at the Central Police Station over alleged possession of bhang.

“At around 9pm, a contingent of police officers allegedly from the KRT in Kisumu came to my home claiming that I am conducting illegal business. When I inquired for the search warrant which they didn’t disclose. Two of the officers walked in my compound and there after I got arrested,” said Nyaguti.

He was later released on a cash bail of Ksh. 30,000 at around 1 am.

Speaking at a media briefing Nyaguti refuted the claims saying he has been on the forefront fighting illegal drugs within the community.

Nyaguti has been involved in several civil litigations, defending rights of those whose rights have been violated.


“Many would remember that we hard to move to court to defend the people who were actually removed from slaughter house at BMU fisher farm and they are there. We recently launched a petition with the High Court against Cabinet Secretary for health,” he added.

“I am here to say that I will continue with the struggle despite all these intimidations I am one person who is on record challenging officers from my area over illicit brew. I am one person who has never smoked even a cigarette, “he added.

Bonface Agutu Akatch another activist claims that a trend of police officers intimidating activists is emerging in Kisumu.

“We have gathered here to raise our concerns around the recent targeting, profiling and harassing human rights defenders directly by Kenya police. Yesterday it was my brother Nyaguti, two days ago it was my elder Audi Ogada, a few weeks back it was me,” said Akatch.

Akatch cries that they are maliciously charged, detained and portrayed negatively in the eye of public.

The activists have called on the authorities urging that human rights work is not a criminal work. Adding that they must stand firm and speak firmly and ask duty bearers to understand their roles.