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Kisumu Juakali Artisans Decry Ban On Scrap Metals


A section of Kisumu Juakali artisans are decrying the ban on scrap metals imposed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The artisans say that those who were collecting, dealing in scrap metal have lost their daily means of survival as the industry can no longer sustain them.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, James Ouma blames the government for failing to implement the scrap Metal Act which outlaws export of the product.

Ouma further cries that the government banned the business without clarifying to them which materials are scrap metal and which ones are raw.

“Juakali sector has been a major source of employment to youths in Kenya. Those who used to collect the metal have lost their jobs. Secondly the government did not classify which materials are scrap and which ones are raw. Currently we are facing a lot of challenges  because the business has dropped,” said Ouma.


The dealers also decry police harassment in the industry.

Gordon Oketch on the other hand said that they have been forced to increase the price of end product due to scarcity of raw materials.

“The raw materials takes long to reach Kisumu because we order them from Mombasa or Nairobi. With this delay and challenges imposed by the ban we resolved to increase the price of our commodities,” Gordon said.

The artisans further clarified that they prefer scrap over those from hardware.

“You know scrap metals are measured per kilograms and are cheaper,” they said.

Appeal to the government

The Artisans calls on President Uhuru Kenyatta to lower price of the readymade commodities of use within the sector to enable them continue with their businesses.

“Life is hard, and moreso now when the government has posed a ban on scrap metals. Kindly we are appealing to the government to lower the price of the materials we get from the shops to sustain in this sector,” they appealed.

They also request the government to role out proper guidelines to enable them resume their normal operation.

By Jacob Oluoch