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Kisumu Man Who Went Missing Found

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Kisumu man who went missing last week was yesterday rescued by a Good Samaritan who found him tied and dumped in thicket in Nyahera, Kisumu County.

Amos Odhiambo Kombedu Market traders chairman was found in an unconscious condition by a bodaboda rider who had stopped to ease himself at the same spot.

The Samaritan later informed the area chief who took the action to inform Odhiambo’s family.

Amos was later taken to the nearby hospital in Kisumu west where he was attended to and later discharged.

On a follow-up by Ghetto Radio News Reporter via phone, Amos narrated what he experienced for the past five days.

“It was on Wednesday night when I was in the bathroom preparing to bath. Three unknown people attacked me and pulled me out of bathroom. They later ask me where my phone which I didn’t have at the moment is. I was searched and later forced to go with them after tying my eye,hands. What I can remember is that I was forced onto a motorbike which to me to a room.  On Saturday night they came back and took me to a thicket where I was later rescued,” narrrated Amos.

The victim further stated that for those five days, he survived without food and water.


“In that room I only used to here door is closed and opened , no food nor water. My eyes were tied hence was not in a position to know whether it was night or day,” he added.

Amos sadly said that for the first five days he ate the first meal in the house of the good Samaritan who rescued him.

Amos elder brother Lucas Otieno condemned the incident calling upon the government to conduct immediate investigation and ensures his brother’s life is secured.

“If it were not the demonstration we held here, my brother could have been found dead, we wont relent this because we don’t know what the abductor is planning next. Let the authorities conduct their investigation and the justice be found,” said Lucas.

He also called upon the city manager Abala Wanga to intervene over the market issue to bring back peace within Kombedu market.

Earlier, Kombedu Market traders alleged that their market was hijacked and the land grabber build his premises their blocking them from carrying out there business there.

The traders were removed from the market back in 2018 to date.



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