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Kisumu MCAs tell Nyong’o to follow the law in effecting new land rates


By Jacob Oluoch

Kisumu County MCAs have accused Kisumu County Governor Anyang Nyong’o of not following the law by gazetting the new land rates.

Led by Kobura MCA John Atieno, the MCAs claim that the document which was only taken for debate at the house yesterday did not also go through public participation process.

Early this year Nyong’o put up a gazette notice that shored up rates to over 7,000 per cent.

Atieno yesterday stated that the Assembly is the only mandated house to make laws that govern the county.

“When an important document on nature of valuation is brought before this house Mr. Speaker, due process should be followed to help the county generate revenue rather than taking the same county to court making the county to lose a lot of revenue and its value at the same time,” said Atieno.

He further stated that, they will follow the law on land valuation rates and ensure that everybody in Kisumu county gives his revenue to the county at their own volition and according to the constitution.

“We support this house and we are going to follow the law. We will make sure everyone in Kisumu County gives revenue to the county willingly by following this constitution,” he added.

A resident had already moved to court to stop the new rates from taking effect.