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Kisumu residents call for reconstruction of dilapidated road

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By Jacob Oluoch

A section of Kisumu County residents has appealed to the government to reconstruct the dilapidated Holo- Ekwanda Road.

The road users who include traders, residents and bodaboda operators say that the road has been rendered impassable due to its current state.

Led by Nicholas Mbeke, they say that school going children have been forced to walk for more than two kilometers everyday since vehicles cannot use the road.

“For about three years now , there has been no any form of road maintenance done on this road. The road was somehow murramed with very few culverts, meaning many sections of the road are always flooded and muddy,” explained Mbeke.

“This has caused us a lot of problems, for example the bus that ferries exams. Security officers and exam center managers at Magwar Model and Abiero Girls School are forced to walk for about 2Kms because vehicles are unable to get them to the schools,” he further said.

Christine Namayi a business lady on the other hand says that they are also suffering losses since the road has made it difficult for them to access Holo Magwar Market the epicenter of their trade.

“We are now forced to spend a lot, we are not able to reach nearest hospitals. In terms of business, commuting from Holo to Magwar Market, a place of twenty minutes we are forced to spend almost one hour. Most of the time we admire to promote our people from Nyanza zone but now we are forced to trade with those from Western,” she added.

They are now appealing to the government to do some maintenance on the road to avert a looming crisis.


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