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Kisumu Residents File Law Suit Demanding Over 18,000 Acres Of Land From Govt


Residents of Kajulu in Kisumu County have filed a law suit against the National Lands Commission and the privatization commission seeking the restoration of more than 18,000 acres of land.

Under the welfare group of Kajulu Kithimo Welfare Association, the residents want the 18,684.4899 acres of land returned to them.

The association’s chairman John Omollo Ondiek says that those pieces of land were excised in 1901-1906 and granted to Asian Farmers for sugarcane farming on 99- year leases.

Ondiek cries that the leases have expired and they demanding cancellation of the flawed fresh issuance of the leases.

“We appeal for justice to be served because it’s now 21 years since the leases expired. Let the government give us back our ancestral land. The period expired and so far there is no any consideration by government even after we were arrested over the same issue,” says Ondiek.

Ondiek says that they will continue fighting for their justice in court.


The Association further claims that any intended privatization of Chemelil Sugar Co Ltd and Miwani Sugar Co Ltd must factor in the community’s interest.

“Since the lease expired and whenever we try to get back our lands we get arrested. We are also seeing some people building on those lands. If I may ask, which criteria are they using to build on those lands? Who gave them those pieces of land? And why are not informed over the same,” questions Ondiek.

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However, their lawyer Kennedy Amondi, advocate of the high court of Kenya adds that the claims they have in court is that, they want a declaration that the process through which this community from their land, houses destroyed amounted to historical injustice.

Advocate Amondi also says that in renewing or issuing fresh leases, the interest of the community must be factored.

“In the process, we want the court to stop the process issuing fresh leases that is ongoing until the interest of this particular community is factored,” says Amondi.

Parts of organizations or entities that have huge junks of land over the area are Chemilil Sugar, and Miwani which are government owned entities.

“We are aware that there is a privatization process that is on course. We are therefore praying that this process be stopped until the interest of the community is factored,” he adds.

The matter has been fixed for hearing on 2/03/2022 before Justice Ombwayo of the Land and Environment Court in Kisumu.