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Kisumu residents lament Nyong’o’s free health cover want UHC back


A section of Kisumu residents are calling on the National Government to look into Universal Health Cover claiming they no longer receive free medical cover.

This follows a move by the Kisumu County Government to transfer a section of those who were registered under UHC to its on cover known as Marwa.

The residents are now crying that since the transfer was done they have been unable to access the free services being offered by UHC.

They now want the President to look into the matter and offer them a solution.

“We are requesting the President to look into this matter because he is the one who launched the UHC. When the cover was launched it was operating like a normal medical cover and was free but now since some of us were transferred to Marwa, there is no free medical cover,” cried Thomas Otiato.

The residents say under UHC they could also access free drugs.

According to Otiato, Kisumu residents who were transferred to Marwa are facing a lot of changes.

“When one goes to the hospital he is being told that he is not registered, drugs are not there. We don’t know what do now as we were previously registered under UHC,” he added.

They want the county government to remove them from the Marwa Cover and take them back to UHC for better health coverage.