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Kisumu Street Children Treated To A Party


More than 300 street children in Kisumu County on Saturday received a treat after a group of friends from the Dawn of Hope threw them a party.

The event which was conducted at the Tumsifu Centre at Goan in Kisumu saw the friends give the street children lunch and also dish out clothes, shoes and soap.

The group led by Natasha Godwin also preached the word of God to the street children.

Godwin has apparently been involved in charity works that support street children for quite some time.

“After visiting the kids in the street I naturally developed some sympathy. I do not feel comfortable when I am eating somewhere and someone has gone without food, when it rains at night and a street kid is being rained on. With all these challenges I decided to mobilize friends and those working in different NGOs to assist in giving the little we have,” said Godwin.

The event saw the street children make merry, sing joyful songs and at some point they even cut a cake.


Some were even given a chance to showcase their singing and rapping talents.

Duncan Mustapha from Dawn of Hope Community also added that the initiative also aims at giving the street children a decent life.

He says that he hopes to keep the street children from societal vices

“We are celebrating a birthday with this kids and the birthday is theirs. We are doing this to make them feel like they exist. We have given out clothes, soap, shoes. This will ensure that even though they are living in the street, they are clean and at least they have something to eat,” said Mustapha.