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Kisumu Traders Find New Home In New Market


More than 1,000 traders who were evicted in Kisumu to pave way for the modernisation of Kisumu port can now smile again after the National government allocated new stalls to them in the newly constructed Uhuru Business Park Market Complex today.

The process which was conducted through a balloting exercise saw over 860 traders receive stalls.

While speaking to the traders before the balloting exercise, Kisumu county commissioner Josphine Ouko they gave the first priority to the businesspeople who were directly affected by the demolition.

“You have gone through a lot of challenges and as we promised, today we are fulfilling our promise as the National government in collaboration with the county government. Today you are going to receive a stall of your choice and feel free to start your business. The President saw how you peacefully paved was for the port renovation,” said Ouko.

Ouko further clarified that the first list which was published on the Kenya Gazette is not the final one as they are still receiving complaints and they will act on them promptly.

“You know very well that we had a list in the beginning. This one is just for the commencement of the exercise. After the validation by the multi-agency team, we verified that you are the genuine traders. Today I want to announce here that we are still receiving complaints and they are recorded at the gate.  After this exercise we are going to get your details for publishing in the Kenya gazette,” added Josphine.

Traders who received stalls expressed their joy and hoped that the new space would improve their businesses.

“Today I have received my stall and since it something we have waited for long, I did even believe it will come to pass today. I do sell Mitumba and you know after I was evicted, I didn’t have a place to conduct my business,” said Alice Atieno.

Some appealed for grants to help them restart their collapsed businesses.

“All I have said is thank you to our county and National governments for this good work. We are happy and ready to start our businesses off immediately and we are appealing if we can be given some grants for start off the business,” they said.