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Kisumu warms up for Opich Pacho Football finals highlights


There is an exhilarating mood in Kisumu County as the KBL Opich Pacho football tournament comes to a close this weekend.

Kenya Breweries Ltd Head of Sustainability and Engagement Jean Kiarie said she is delighted with the impact of the tournament which has resonated across all levels in Kisumu.

“The gains realized from this tournament are huge, as KBL we are delighted that the youths have embraced the tournament “,said Jean.

Kisumu County CEC Sports and Tourism Achie Alai lauded KBL for sponsoring the tournament.

 “The tournament fits very well within the county’s strategic plan of grassroots football development, H.E the Governor Anyang Nyong’o is delighted with this partnership and we look forward to growing the tournament from strength to strength”, said Achie.

18 teams have qualified for the round of 16 action that kicks off tomorrow at 9am.There will be two early matches on the card as Nyalenda Fc faces North Nyakach in a do or die match, the winner in this clash will face Kajulu FC for the 8th play off. Tournament favorites Kabonyo Kanyagwal will face Bench FC.

Nyalenda FC will be aiming to make their opponents stars cry in desperation as the last deserving teams book ticket to the semi- finals.

Tomorrows’ action will see West Santos face Migosi FC with Manyatta Stars squaring it out with Kolwa Central ward FC. Railways will meet with North Seme for the 4th play off

Other matches that will be played tomorrow includes Wenya Fc vs Miwani stars and Kolwa FC Vs central Kisumu FC.

Kabonyo Kanyagwal FC won the opening clash with a resounding victory over Nyalenda FC

The traditional giants and spirited newbie’s Nyalenda FC and Kabonyo Kanyagwal are both playing fierce football this competition.

The weekend sets the stage for the finals, and emotions are running astronomically high both on and off the pitch at the county’s Jomo Kenyatta Grounds.

After two weekends of action packed football we will witness other mouthwatering clashes, with fans seeking to know, who will be the rising stars and what will be the games to savor?

It is quite evident that one predictable dark horse and a surprise candidate will face off in the finals. Will it be Sun city FC , Nyalenda or Kabonyo Kanyagwal?

Kajulu FC  will seek to nullify their opponents counter attack to add local domination to their achievements this year .Last gap qualifiers  Muhoroni FC who boasts of a no nonsense defending and an array of goal scoring alternatives will hope that the mindset of their players will see them off a difficult task.

Kanyagwal will be counting on Pinto Onyango who has the cunning and the craft to defeat legs in tired situations. His mesmerizing play in the opening match cannot be ignored when they meet with Bench FC.

Wenya FC who are lucky to be in the round of 16 will have to play a game of life with their strikers dropping deeper and deeper. Should their midfield bend or break down their defenders will have to halt the opponents counter attack display?

In the clash between Kolwa Central ward vs Manyatta Stars two of the most potent counter attack weapons of soccer will be up against each other.

If the atmosphere during the group stage matches is anything to go by , expect the most ebullient, noisy and colorful tournament of all time inside and outside the Jomo Kenyatta Grounds this weekend.

The next few days will definitely define the morality of play, see hopes of many teams shattered with goals galore continuing at the Opich Pacho 2018.

So the time has come for the formidable teams to show their true value. Who will light their path so brightly to make it to the final show down on Sunday.

The player’s zeal to lift they trophy in this tournament proves that in every culture there is a sub group who finds purpose and camaraderie by their shared love of sports.

I will expect all the teams to stick to what brought them to the dance. Let the Opich Pacho glory begin!!