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Kisumu Youth conned after paying to meet Deputy president William Ruto


Hundreds of youths in Kisumu’s Nyalenda area are counting loses after unscrupulous men conned the Kes. 500 each under the guise that they were paying to meet Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking to a local media house, one of the youth said the conmen convinced them that they were paying for a one one with the country’s number two.

They reported that the said men told them the DP would be in Kisumu on Saturday 3rd October but they have since learnt the visit has not been confirmed.

“We have now learnt that the DP’s visit to Kisumu has not even been confirmed, and that the said-organisers do not even know Ruto’s protocol staff,” the victim said

The youth who paid for the one on one have tried reaching the said con artists who have since gone into hiding but they have not been successful.