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Kitale Girl stranded in Umoja after man she met on Facebook abandons her


A 21 year old girl is stranded in Nairobi’s Umoja area after a man she had travelled to see abandoned her.

Abigael Yelima had travelled from Kitale to Nairobi to meet the man who had promised to marry her and give her a job at a supermarket.

The man only known to her as Collo pulled a disappearing act on her after she arrived in Nairobi saying that he already had a wife.

“I arrived here last night, then spent the night at my friend’s place. I was supposed to start work today so when I called the guy, he asked me to board the motorbike to where he was, when I asked if he was going to pay for the motorbike, he told me to go back home,” narrated Yelima.

She says that she had met Collo on Facebook and had hoped that he was going to change his life.

“I did not know that the supermarket job was fake. That is why I used all my savings to try and get to Nairobi,” she said.

She has already reported the matter to Kwa Maji Police Post and Collo has been arrested.

Collo however says that he has no money on him and cannot facilitate Yelima’s return to Kitale.

Yelima is now appealing to well-wishers to help her raise her fare back to Kitale.