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Kiunas Attacked Over Birthday Celebrations


kiunas3It’s never a dull moment with the Kiuna’s, they really should think about a reality show dubbed #Keeping Up With the Kiuna’s. So ‘Daddy’ as he is famously known by his faithful congregation was turning fifty this Sunday and boy did he turn it up in style. The Reverend now turned Bishop trended yesterday on twitter as the congregation took to congratulating their spiritual daddy on his ordination to Bishop hood.

Kenyans were not happy though as they saw the gesture as insensitive given that the country was in mourning after the naivasha tragedy.

An elated Mrs. Kiuna twitted a love filled message to her husband wishing him a happy birthday. This a show of strength in their relationship despite their marriage having been on the rocks with the Bishop having come under fire for an illegitimate child on the way from his side chic.

What angered Kenyans most however were the speculations that Daddy was getting a private jet as a birthday present with most calling the couple ‘socialite pastors’ who sold the word of God. Sample some of the tweets.

Well, I don’t know about you but if this is how pastors roll then we should stop telling our kids to be doctors and lawyers already? Don’t you think?kis-1

Mukami Kanyi