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KIVUMBI; Sifuna Na Aladwa Washikana Koo Kuhusu Sonko


Orange Democratic Party  bosses are now at war over governor  Mike Mbuvi Sonkos’ impeachment with party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and Nairobi ODM Chairman  George Aladwa taking each other head-on over the impeachment issue.

Through a letter to Minority leader at the assembly,  Aladwa directed the MCAs not to support the impeachment motion or even sign the petition to impeach Sonko.

Aladwa stated that the matter  is still pending on the party’s table.

‘‘I have been directed by the Party Leader Rt. Hon Raila Odinga to advise the honourable members that the party is not supporting the move,’’ the letter reads in part.

But  this has been countered promptly by another letter from Secretary General Sifuna who disputed Aladwa’s directive, saying that the party will not interfere with MCAs mandate.

‘‘We wish to make it clear that the party and the party leader do not and will not interfere with the power granted directly by the people to members of the country assembly in exercise of any of their functions including over-sighting the executive..we further remind all our members that official communication on the party position is the responsibility of the secretary general,’’ Sifuna said.