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KMPDU Secretary General Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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Kenya Medical practitioners Pharmacists and Dentist Union Acting Secretary General Chibanzi Mwachonda has tested positive for coronavirus.

In a statement sent to news rooms, Mwachonda says that he tested positive for the disease while dispensing his official duties.

“On behalf of the National Executive Council, i would like to inform all KMPDU members and general public that i have tested positive for COVID-19. The infection occurred while dispensing my officials duties,” he announced in a statement.

“I’m currently in a stable condition and under self-isolation. My family is safe, contact tracing and testing of all close contacts is currently ongoing,” he said.

The acting secretary general  has urged the government to provide support to front-line soldiers by providing adequate and quality PPEs and unveil the welfare package on work injury benefits and a comprehensive medical treatment.

Mwachonda has asked Kenyans to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines and also not to stigmatise those who have tested positive for the disease.

“The disease is in the widespread transmission phase, all of us are at risk but that should not be a cause for fear or stigma to affected individuals or their families,” he said.

Kenya has so fare reported 19,913 cases of coronavirus.



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