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KNCHR condemns deportation, violation of Miguna’s rights


The Kenya National Comission of Human Rights Chairperson Kagwiri Mbogori has said that citizenship  by birth cannot be revoked even after  acquiring a citizenship of another country.

Addressing the media at the KNCHR office in Nairobi, Mbogori said that any person whose citizenship has to be revoked has to be informed of the reason and should be given  an opportunity to respond and  defend themselves in a court of law.

She said that Miguna Miguna is therefore entitiled to a Kenyan passport  and all other rights as entitiled to the section six  of immigration act  in  the constitution

Accompanied by the Vice President of Law Society of Kenya Harriet Chigai confirmed that KNCHR team  was at the ground during the deportation time where he quitely seated .

Chigai however said that orders issued by the judical should be obeyed , saying that state diregarded the orders issued and ignored.

She further added that lawyers should not be attacked  for lawfully executing their mandate and no party involved have the liberty to defy the orders.

She said that the government should  to respect the institution that was created by the  constitution  and  President Uhuru Kenyatta  should  make the golden handshake give its meaning.