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KNH shares photos of patients stranded at the hospital


The Kenyatta National Hospital has released photos and names of patients stranded at the hospital.

The four people, three Kenyans and one Burundian were taken for treatment at the hospital and are yet to be claimed by any of their kin.

Three of them are accident victims in Nairobi taken to the hospital by paramedics.

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The first patient is called Mutua who was apparently taken to the hospital from Jogoo Road by paramedics after road accident.

Stanley arrived at the hospital from Mombasa Road after sustaining a head injury from an assault.

There are two unknown men, one suffered a road accident and was driven to KNH in an ambulance from Avenue Hospital while the other unknown man is a Burundian.

Anyone who knows any of the above persons can contact KNH on 0709854000 or 0730643000.