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  • The main difference between pimples and acne-prone skin is the persistent nature of the condition.
  • Acne-prone skin has blemishes that are long-lasting, persistent, and frequent.

The words ‘acne’ and ‘pimples’ are sometimes used interchangeably, but in reality, these terms have very different meanings. Acne refers to a type of blemish whereas pimple refers to an ongoing skin condition with a host of different symptoms, causes, and management options.

Understanding the exact nature of your skin concerns is crucial to the effective management of oily acne-prone skin While non-inflamed pimples are usually able to be improved with over-the-counter products, serious acne lesions may necessitate a consultation with a dermatologist or doctor.

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Signs of Pimple

Pimples have a wide range of causal factors including hormones and hormonal imbalances, excess(oil), genetics, diet, environmental pollution and other factors. Pimples form when a pore becomes clogged with sebaceous matter, an ingrown hair, or other impurities. There is some bacteria present, but usually not enough to cause inflammation.

When pimples become acne-prone skin, this development is more likely to be seen in people with extensive excess sebum production because sebum acts as food for the blemish causing bacteria, so more oil allows lesions to become more inflamed. People with acne-prone skin are also more likely to have a hormonal imbalance or a genetic predisposition.

Signs of Acne

Acne-prone skin is linked to all of the same causes as pimples, although there are some factors that are more strongly linked to developing this long-term skin condition.

Some of the signs of acne-prone skin include a large number of pimples and deeper inflamed lesions across a large area of the skin on the face, back or neck. Acne lesions can be more raised or exist deep under the epidermis, with redness and inflammation present. Acne-prone skin is often more tender to the touch.


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