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Know your Supa Friday Supa Deejays..Introducing DJ Katta


Imagine having a chilled out Friday vibing to your favorite Reggae tunes courtesy of Ghetto Radio’s Supa Friday and of course your favorite Supa deejays.

So how much do you know about your favorite Supa deejays that bring you joy every start of the weekend.

Supa Deejay, Katta ahas bin a spin master for well over six years and two of those he has spent bring music to your ears on Kenya’s number one Ghetto Radio.

The newest dad in town says the hardest part of his career was when he was kick starting his career because it was hard to find gigs and people who believed in his game.

Having just been in the industry for a few years, Katta maintains that he still aims higher but is more than happy with where he is at the moment.

So what does he think about the entertainment Industry as a deejay?

“It has really grown, many people have learnt to accept deejaying as a carreer choice unlike in the past. Right now there are so many deejays and the industry is very flexible but still, the catch remains the fact that one has to work hard to make it in this industry. There is competition everywhere.” He said

Deejay Katta is lucky to serve up the morning edition of Supa Friday waking up reggae lovers with some amazing tunes and describes his Supa Friday as supa fun.

“Ghetto Radio’s Supa Friday is Supa Fan,  It is just the best way to kick start a weekend for sure.” He adds

Word for his fans: “You make me who I am. I do whatever I do for their sake. I love my fans so much.”