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KNUT and ECDE Union in Bitter Fight Over Early Childhood Teachers


Kenya National Union of Teachers is now embroiled in a bitter fight with Kenya union of  Pre-primary education teachers over ECDE teachers membership.

The giant teachers union has been looking for goodies including development partners to fund ECDE teachers programs to woe them into  the union.

This is apparently what is causing friction between the two unions.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News KNUT deputy Secretary General Hesbone Otieno however, insisted that the ECDE teachers are on market and any union is at liberty to shop  for them.

“We are not at war  with anyone what we are doing  is valid  and what I can assure you is that the ECDE teachers are on market and we are allowed to shop for them…we have been doing many programs with them and we are not shaken in anyway with barks from outside,” he said.

He further warned the    Kenya Union of Pre Primary Education teachers KUNOPPET to concentrate on their Members in the union and stop petty politics.

“This guy Otunga of ECDE union should stop meddling in our affairs they have their Members and they should concentrate on them not what KNUT is doing….For the  programs, we shall continue and nobody will stop us because we already have recognition agreement with section of county governments to do so.” He added.


KUNOPPET Secretary General Lawrence Otunga on the other hand has accused KNUT of encroaching into their mandates and undermining the ECDE union.

“Kenya National Union of Teachers must stop encroaching in ECDE teachers’ territory, we want to put it straight that early childhood teachers have their own registered union which is Kenya Union of Pre Primary Education Teachers , KNUT must stop using early childhood teachers to seek cheap sympathy from the global donors in the name of ECDE projects we want them to stop interfering with our territory,” Otunga told Ghetto Radio News.