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KNUT Asks Ruto to Keep and Support CBC

The Kenya National Union of Teachers has now called on the government to embrace and support the Competency Based Curriculum.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News Kenya National Union of Teachers Deputy Secretary Seneral Hezborn Otieno defended the  CBC system saying it has  a greater impact  on children’s future and scrapping it will affect many.

The Kenya Kwanza government had earlier on raised issues on CBC especially its implementation strategy by former regime.

The government has gone far to clarify that it will form a taskforce to have the Competency Based Curriculum reviewed.

“The Kenya National Union of Teachers was involved since the inception of Competency Based Curriculum and so far with engagement that we have done with the government we are doing well and we want to ask Kenya Kwanza government to retain and support the CBC. Our children’s future is brighter with CBC and what we need right now is to support it,” Hesborn told Ghetto Radio News.

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The current debate around the CBC is the implementation framework by the government as well as parents’ burden.

But According to KNUT the bigger part of the job has been done by the government in the last six years during piloting and Kenyan children are ready for it.

“The government has tried, if you go around we have new classrooms and other infrastructural projects specifically for CBC program and what we would like to recommend is that the government speed up capacity building programmes. Teachers are only offered in-service training by Teachers Service Commission and that’s not enough to have a teacher deliver,” he added.

By Allan Otieno