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KNUT Issues Fresh Demands to TSC on Teachers’ Salaries


The Kenya National Union of Teachers has now launched fresh demands to have teachers’ salaries increased by 60 percent.

According to KNUT, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between TSC and teachers is untenable and needs urgent review.

KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu says that the engagement is on and teachers should not be worried.

“This time round we have put it squarely that the Collective Bargaining Agreement 2021-2025 be reviewed to earn teachers money, teachers wouldn’t accept any other thing apart from money and not stories. We appreciate the fact that after Salaries and Remuneration Commission SRC, performed a job evaluation and established that teachers are professionals performing designated and specific tasks. The committee then appreciated that teachers are the lowest earners in the job market in Kenya,” Oyuu said.

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“We have agreed to have a structured conversation in the subsequent meetings and have a way forward and the big announcement is that negotiations with the employer will see that we have a 60 percent salary raise,” Oyuu stated.

He said they are ready to accept and respond positively to what the Teachers Service Commission will put on the table.

 “Teachers want money and not stories. We want 2021/2025 CBA reviewed for teachers to earn money,” he added.

By Allan Otieno


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