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Kobi Kihara finds herself on the wrong side of Kenyans on Twitter


By Annette Amondi

Former NTV presenter Kobi Kihara has found herself in the wrong side of KOT after she lifted a photo on pineterst and posted it as her own.

Kobi had posted a photo of a salad dish on her Instagram account with the caption “I make a badass salad.”

KOT quickly noticed that she had plagiarized the image and called her out on it.

The incident has given rise to a Kobi Kihara challenge where different KOT members are using their wishfull thoughts to portray a perfect life.

The former Better Living host has not yet responded to the hash tag that is now trending in Kenya.

Kenyans realized Kobi had stolen the image from twitter after radio host Shaffie Weru commented on the photo.

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“I saw the same piece on @pinterest didn’t realize it was your recipe” wrote Shaffie

KOT has havily descended on her even as she remains mute regarding the story.

Read some of the comments below.