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Konshens spits fire on critics over his latest raunchy video

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Jamaican dancehall star Garfield Spence popularly known as Konshens has chosen not to filter his words while addressing his critics.

The singer has been treating fans to snippets of his latest video for his song ‘Backaz’

While the song’s audio was released four months ago, the video was only done recently and is set to drop this week.

The video appears to feature scantily clad women delivering raunchy dance moves and innuendo, including the use of ice popsicles as props.

With music critics struggling to tame artistes who have been sexualizing their videos in order to sell, it was only a matter of time before their aired their voice over Konsens’ teaser.

In one Instagram clip shared by Konshens, two women can be seen in an inflatable pool with one dripping soapy water on the voluptuous backside of the other. Konshens, who is outside of the pool, playfully drapes his hand against the soaped up female’s face as she focuses her attention on him.

In another scene from the same music video, Konshens features Jamaican dancehall choreographer Chinny Unique playfully using an ice lolly to show off her ‘mouth game’

After being criticized for the said videos, Konshens has come out to breath fire on his critics.

The dancehall star says it is sad when he released reggae songs two weeks ago the critics did not speak but now that his video is seemingly naughty, they are out here addressing him.

The singer who did not mince his words now says he does not need ‘fake fans’

“My favs are the over righteous so-called ‘Konshens fans’ who complain about sexuality and rawness in my music yet don’t even know that I released 2 REGGAE SONGS ON THE SAME RIDDIM bout 2 weeks ago, unnu know unnu can go chuck off inna unnu mumma and low mi right?” he wrote on his Insta stories

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