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Korogocho Slum Suffers Severe Effects Of Covid 19, Area Leaders  Say

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Korogocho ward residents  are now calling on the government to  come to their rescue saying the Covid 19 effects have taken a toll on them adding that prompt mitigation measures are needed.

According to  Maxwel Ochar, former ward representative , affording a meal in the area has become a nightmare to many families.

He says some houses have also been  infested with bedbugs and need prompt fumigation which the residents cannot afford.

On Thursday, the leader, his friends and other well wishers were able to issue over 1000 mattresses ,blankets and food stuffs to the affected residents.

‘‘Life has become difficult a house of seven has one mattress ,no single meal .These people need help ..what I have done today is a drop in the ocean more clearly needs to be done.’’ He said.

Meanwhile the residents have asked  President Kenyatta  to re-open the country saying such a move will help them return to the new normal and  fight Covid 19.

‘‘We are asking the government to open for us the economy so that we can re-organize our  small businesses and other things ..We are ready to follow ministry guidelines.’’ Ochar  added.

He was speaking in Gomongo, Korogocho Ward.



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