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KOT responds after Comedian Elsa Majimbo said she was bullied for her dark skin

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Kenyans on Twitter have responded after online comedian Elsa Majimbo said she has been bullied over her dark skin color.

The comedian was recently on an interview by renowned model Naomi Campbell.

In one segment of the interview titled No Filter With Naomi, Elsa said Kenya is her home but also the place that brought her down the most due to the lack of support she expected to get from Kenya.

Elsa also noted that there was a lot of colourism in the country which denied her several opportunities as she was dark-skinned.

“Here, it’s a place where there is a lot of colourism. Lighter skin people are given more opportunities and are made to feel like they can succeed more. It happens all the time and I was made to feel just because I was darker, I was maybe less pretty, I had fewer chances of succeeding,” she said.

Following the interview, KOT have reacted with a number supporting the young comedian’s sentiments while another section called her out.


“Elsa Majimbo said to Naomi Campbell that we Kenyans didn’t lay her path to the top because she is a woman of color.Kenya?A predominantly black country?How will we hate dark skin when our own skin is dark?Make it make sense Elsa.” Tweeted KOTexplained


@Lunar_OMI: Elsa was expecting kenyans to lay her path to the top??? Omo!! We can barely afford life at this point and she wants people to lay her path. Maiye!!

@Rodgers_Ochi: There are shades of black. In Kenya darker you are, the harsher the experience!

@osoroKE: Abomination! Here’s the video of Elsa Majimbo making baseless accusations against us

@brijooo0: She’s not wrong though, y’all hyping up these lighter girls like they’re mini gods?

@brendawambui: Kenyans on Twitter, who spend almost every day of their pathetic online lives denigrating and trolling dark skinned women (as well as fat women, those they don’t consider beautiful, those they find “too beautiful” etc) want to claim they aren’t colourist, moreso to Elsa?


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