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KOT Savagely Attack USIU Students funny Memes. (Pics)


funnyHearsay has it that before KOT went all wild to ‘grill’ USIU students, the actual roasting was generated by Nairobi Diaries reality stars Pendo and another cast member who happens to be schooling at USIU.

The lady had feud with Pendo- the ghetto Princess for calling her a “spoilt brat” for schooling at the expensive International campus.

Truth be said,USIU students are of a kind …very distinct from other campus students. They speak with an accent, no Swahili, no sheng. Have you taken a look at their handsets?? Having an Infinix or Techno at USIU might earn you a life sentence maayn!

So when KOT decided to troll on them, it turned out being extra ordinarily hilarious, check out;

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