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Kothbiro goes regional


Tanzania’s biggest offseason football tournament organizers are in the country for a partnership with Kenya’s Offseason Tournament, Kothbiro.

The Ndondo Cup organizers are in the country to plan on how they can link the two tournaments in a series of football matches that will see Tanzanian players and Kenyan players battle it out on the football pitch.

Earlier on this year in August, KothBiro representatives visited the East African Nation for a possible partnership with the Tanzanians during the finals of the Ndondo Cup in Dar-es-salaam.

Speaking at the Ziwani grounds here in Nairobi, the Director of Ndondo Cup Mr. Shaffih Dauda said he was delighted to witness the Kothbiro tournament which he termed as ‘Nairobi’s version of Ndondo’ saying that the two tournaments are similar in so many ways.

He was also accompanied by Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed; a manager at Shadaka Sports Management and five Ndondo Cup officials.

Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, the Kothbiro football tournament is arguably the biggest Offseason tournament in Kenya and it runs when the Kenya Premier League ends in November.

This year’s Kothbiro tournament is the last to be played during this season so as to conform to the new directive from the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

Normally, the league season in Kenya takes place between February and November but CAF wants all leagues to have one calendar where the league begins in August and ends in May.

The Tanzanian League already has been using the August to May Schedule.