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  • Krg draws gun during fight with Sabato.
  • The dancehall star was irked by Sabato’s constant online attacks.
  • According to Sabato, Krg is not talented.

Dancehall star Krg The Don is alleged to have drawn his pistol in self defense during an altercation with Instagram critic, Sabato at a popular upmarket establishment recently.

The duel was occasioned by Sabato’s constant online attacks directed at Krg.

On the particular day, Sabato is said to have bumped into Krg who summoned him.

However, Sabato snubbed Krg who got mad and went to his car before charging at Sabato and his pal who was recording a video.

Krg immediately demanded an end of the shoot before hell broke loose with Sabato overpowering him with kicks and blows.

“Kwenda kukaa nikaona Krg ameenda kwa gari ametupa koti, amekasirika…Kidogo kidogo Krg ananikujia nikaambia huyo msee endelea kurecord ndio huyo msee anaendelea kukuja na hakuji na upoa anakuja akasema ‘stop recording niko na hiyo video” Explained Sabato partly.

Sabato noted that he stopped Krg’s tracks pinning him to the ground while launching attack after the other.

“Mimi nikashika hiyo mkono na nikamshika shati unajua mimi nilikuwa nimekaa kwa bench nikaanguka naye hivi chini…wache nianze kumpiga mabuti na mahedi za tumbo” he continued partly.

While seeking to escape from Sabato’s grip, Krg drew his gun with the former curling his tail.

“Nikaacha kumpiga mahedi na mabuti akasonga hivi nyuma akatoa gun unaskia akatoa gun mi nikaona hapa sasa bunduki imetoka itabidi ni cool down kidogo” he explined further.

According to Sabato, Krg and his men wanted an apology which he was not ready to give.

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Krg Has No Talent

Sabato maintains that Krg is not talented. In many of his rants, Sabato has continued to affirm that Krg is not a musician worth listening to.

From his song “Mambo Imechemka” to his recent release “Time Bomb” with Jamaican dancehall superstar, Konshens have been termed crap.

“Krg wacha nikuadvise kama binadamu mtu yoyote utakutana na yeye akuambie uko na talent mslap” asserted Sabato partly.

Krg is not the only Kenyan creative who have crossed paths with Sabato. The list is endless from Willy Paul, Gabu(P Unit) and Arrow Bwoy among others.

Did Krg really pull a gun on Sabato as he claims.

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