In summary

  • Krg shows up for an engagement with his alleged daughter
  • He’s ready for a paternity test
  • The daughter is living in confusion as Krg and her mother talk from different angles

Controversial dancehall star, Stephen Karuga Kimani popularly known as Krg The Don finally met with his alleged daughter.

This comes a few days after snubbing a same meeting that was slated to take place in the parternity saga.

The mambo imechemka singer maintained that he was not sure how he sired the girl in 2003, when he was aged 11 years in 2002 and being in primary school.

“Myself in 2002 i was 11 years old” stated Krg partly.

According to Krg, even the nickname ‘Kajoji’ is new to his ears and has never had it in his entire life.

“Kajoji that ka nickname,me I don’t know that nickname, I’ve never been called that nickname,my nickname when i was young nilikuwa naitwa Bupia sio Kajoji” narrated partly

Though excited in meeting Krg, his alleged daughter cited confusion as both Krg and his mother have continued to offer different scripts concerning her paternity.

“Unajua mimi by the way i want to know the truth ni kama nyinyi mnatuchanganya,wewe na mum coz huwezi sema 2002 ulikuwa rima…if there’s something you’re hiding you better tell the truth” went part of her statement.

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Paternity test

She went ahead and disclosed that she was ready for any eventuality in regard to the parternity test.

“Since you said you’re going for a paternity test am ready for the negative and positive am ready for anything” she explained

On the other hand,Krg also willingly agreed to undergo the parternity test.

He further added that if the results come out negative,he would still pay for the girls university education as per her wishes.

And if it turns out positive,he would apologize to kenyans for neglecting his own blood.

In krg’s words,he now wants to meet the daughter’s mother and pose a few questions to her before the parternity examination.

Away from that,In his looming beef with Namba Nane rapper,Octopizzo,Krg maintained that Octopizzo’s new song,Sijawai hitting 1 million views under 36 hours was due to robotics.

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