In summary
•Krg agrees to take full responsibility for his alleged daughter whether it turns out as his child or not
•Faults Kenyans for their quick judgement
•The girl’s mother had cited neglect from krg

Singer Krg The Don has finally agreed to take full responsibility for his alleged 19 old daughter.

Through an online engagement, the mambo imechemka singer admitted to a possibility of the teenage girl being part of his family despite him not being able to clearly trace his past escapedes.

“Hiyo ni swali tata kidogo sababu mimi mwenyewe siwezi nikajua kweli kabisa kabisa kwa sababu unajua yule mtu anajua mtoto ni wa nani wanasemanga mama ndio anajua kwa sababu sisi ni wazee iko mambo mingi labda tulifanya zamani hauwezi jua ukweli,” stated Krg.

Krg added that even if it eventually turns out that the said 19 year old girl is not his biological child he would still cater for her university education.

“Mtoto anataka msaada anataka tu kusomeshwa lazima tutafuatilia pole pole tukae tukijua kweli mimi ni baba,” he continued.

Kenyans Are Quick To Judge

Krg further faulted Kenyans for being judgemental over the issue.

He maintained that as his goose was being cooked by netizens he was completely unaware of the happenings.

“Unajua iko saa zingine unajua wakenya wako quick to judge unajua kama mimi nilikuwa kweli sijaona ripoti na siwezi kumbuka watu wote labda nilikuwa nao zamani kwa sababu hiyo ndio hali kabisa unajua sisi tumeona mambo mingi,” he exclaimed.

Deadbeat Father

A fortnight ago,a woman had taken the internet by storm when she accused the controversial dancehall star for neglecting her 19 old daughter.

Away from the issue,Krg stated that he’s been busy performing at different entertainment spots as a confirmation to the naysayers on his music.

He further added that he’s a brand to reckon with,a brand that attracts business despite not having many hit songs to his name.

By Steve Osaka.

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