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Kenyan dancehall singer turned actor KRG The Don has turned his popular slogan ‘Mambo Imechemka’ into a new song.

The song is a collaborative piece with fellow dancehall star Dufla Diligon and Uganda’s Daddy Andre.

Storyline ‘Love Hurts ‘

KRG who holds the chorus reveals how love has driven him crazy to an extent of being a thief.

 “Mapenzi ikafanya nikakuwa mwizi…. Imechemka Imechemka mambo Imechemka ” sings KRG partly

The video starts with a scene of boiling water to relay the intensity of the matter.They’re scenes of KRG in town and also while cruising his whip as he highlights his love tribulations.

Daddy Andre is in charge of the second verse which he delivers perfectly on the ragga tone beat.There’s dramatisation with a video model depicting him being busted by his lover.

The third verse is held by Dufla Diligon in an outdoor set up.The dude reminds all and sundry that dancehall is his second name as he easily flows to the dancehall beats.

Fans Reactions

The video is currently doing well with it’s viewership rising each minute.Fans have congratulated the trio for the masterpiece.

“Mambo Imechemka…this song is lit🔥🔥🔥🔥” fired one fan

“Mad energy with the dancehall Boyz #dancehall vibes” shot another fan

By Steve Osaka.


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