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  • KRG’s alleged baby mama states that KRG will bribe his way in determination of DNA process
  • In an earlier meeting with his alleged baby mama, KRG denied ever knowing her
  • Baby mama sought support from her friend whom confirmed that the pair were romantically involved back then

The paternity saga pitting controversial dancehall star, Stephen Karuga Kimani popularly known as KRG The Don and his alleged baby mama seems not to end anytime soon as the latter claims that the former will bribe his way in determination of the DNA test.

According to the baby mama,  KRG wants the results to indicate that he’s not the biological father of her daughter so that he would not only save his face but also hide his past.

“Apo tusidanganyane juu sahii anataka kufunikia kila kitu kila corner unajua akona pesa mi sina,ye ataenda apatiane pesa huko DNA ifunikwe ndio mtoto akuwe si wake sasa ata akisaidia Yvonne atasaidia kama stranger lakini anajua ni mtoto wake,” she said

This comes after the two met a fortnight ago, with KRG denying ever knowing her.

During their meeting, KRG sarcastically laughed off the allegations of siring the teenage girl with the mother almost storming out of the meeting in distress.

The baby mama added that KRG was doing so to hide his guilt.

“Anacheka ile ya madharau, alikuwa anacheka ndio afunikie ukweli juu anajua story yote ni ukweli,venye sasa amepatikana anashindwa niaje,” she continued.

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Sought Friend’s Support

To counter KRG, the baby mama sought her friend’s support who said that she knew the two were romantically involved back then.

Through a phonecall conversation, the friend affirmed that KRG was known as Kajoji.

“Huyo mtu mwenyewe namjua,tulikuwa tunamwita Kajoji, ” she explained partly.

The baby mama further shared messages she had earlier sent to KRG through Instagram.

“Tumia mtoi wako school fees bro kwani yeye ulimtumia na blue tooth hakuzaliwa kama wengine” read one of the messages.

She maintained that she came public with the matter as kRG had continued to distance himself from her.

In addition, she said that she wouldn’t use her daughter to lie over the matter.

“Hii ni true story, siezi panga story hivyo ati nikuje nidanganyane,tena hakuna venye unaweza enda kuiba na mtoto wako,hii story ni ukweli na watu wanasema ni clout siwezi clout na mtoto wangu so kila kitu nasema ni ukweli,” she added partly.

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