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  • Musician Kristoff is back in the country after spending 2 years in the USA.
  • Kristoff says the break has been helpful since he got to see what current artists are doing and got a better understanding of the music scenes.
  • The artist also known as ‘Mluhya wa Busia’ has announced a music comeback also promising his fans a brand new album.

Singer Kristoff, who recently returned to Kenya after spending some time in the United States of America, has revealed the reason behind his musical break.

Kristoff explained that he took a break from the industry to get exposure from different places and to adjust to the changing view of the music industry.

“I saw the game was changing and also I’m from a different generation. The social media generation was now taking over and I realized things have to be done differently. Plus I needed space to go and collect energy from different places so that I come back with good vibes.” 


Kristoff has also termed the break as very helpful as he revealed that he felt it was the right time for him to come back home and pick it up from where he left.

“What I was doing in the USA was exposure. You know many artists go there after they have been booked for performances, then unafika hapo unaona there are more opportuntities so many of us musicians go to the USA then we stay nione kama naweza kupata kitu.”

He added, “Narudi coz I feel this is the right time, my break was needed, two years that’s long enough. So I’m back to show Kenyans what I have been upto, kenye nimekuwa nikipanga, so people need to watch out Kristoff amekuja na ubaya sana.”

‘Mluhya wa Busia’ has also promised his fans a brand new album which will be released later in the year so stick around to find out what he has in store for us.

By Stella Anyango


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