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Ksh. 175 Million Too Little For Early Retirement, Nairobi County Told


By Emmaline Owuor

The Kenya County Government Workers Union has vowed to fight the proposed early retirement of workers who are more than 50 years old.

Kenya County Government Workers Union Secretary Benson Oliang’a says that the Ksh. 175 Million set aside by the Nairobi County Assembly in the 2021-2022 Financial Year Budget is too little to cater for the process.

According to Oliang’a the process needs at least Ksh. 54 Billion to be successful.

“If the retirement should be done, a total of Ksh. 35 Billion owed to workers in terms of retirement package must be remitted, a total of Ksh. 19 Billion that Nairobi County owes to Laptrust must be cleared because we don’t want our members to be leave job and have debts,” said Oliang’a.

Oliang’a also stated that the Nairobi County Government did not consult the union with regards to the voluntary early retirement.

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“It must be noted that the union and the Nairobi government are social partners and as such nothing can be done on employees without negotiation. We have not been consulted and even if we are to be consulted we have to sit down, negotiate and agree on what package to give our employees,” he said.

He added that before they agree to the early retirement for workers, Nairobi County must listen and fulfill their demands.

Oliang’a wants a total of Ksh. 16 Billion owed to Lapfund and Ksh. 2 Billion owed to NASICO to be cleared.

“They also have to clear the uniform arrears for the entire workforce. All this arrears must be cleared before we agree on the package, “added Oliang’a.

According to Oliang’a, the official retirement age for employees is 60 years and if the employees have to retire voluntarily, then the County has to assure them that they will pay the employees before they retire.

The Union secretary requested the members not to submit their names before they are consulted and their demands are listened to.

“I call upon the staff of not to submit any name for this plan and if it is to be done they have to consider our demands,” he stated.