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KTN Show host Chero sues singer Rawbeena seeks public apology


TV girl Chero has taken legal action against singer Rawbeena who recently claimed that she funded the TV girl’s lifestyle.

In a letter dated 16th of January Chero´s lawyer B. Ong’eri of Daniel Orenge & Company advocates, on behalf of his client Chero, asked the Rawbeena to make a public apology and retract her statement.

“On 13th Fanuary, 2020, an interview of yourself with the star Newspaper Journalist Elizabeth Ngigi was published on the ¨Word is¨ column of the said Newspapoer which interview adversely and negatively defamed our client. In the said interview, headlines as ´Rawbeena Exposes TV Girl Chero´s Madharau´ without verification and/or justification defamed our client stating that you were the one financing the fancy and highflying lifestyle of Carolyn Nasimiyu Murumba a.k.a Chero, our client. In their entirety, either in their natural and ordinary meaning or by imputations and innuendoes, your statements meant and were understood to mean that; our client is promiscuous, opportunist, ungrateful, a bad friend, a thief, unreliable and incapable of keeping true friendship. The defamatory text was calculated, to injure, disparage and lower the esteem with which the general public regards and holds our client; considering that our client is a famous TV Show host which airs on KTN every Saturdays from 11am-1pm with an average audience of 1.1 million. Further, your client posted the said post out of malevolence and spite and without justifiable cause, thereby discrediting the good way and the reputation of the undersigned. By the sending of the said texts, the undersigned has been greatly injured in character and reputation as a consequence. Whereof, the undersigned has been brought into ridicule, scandal, odium and contempt in the eyes of her fans and sponsors.

By this letter we demand the following from your client in the next 7 days.

  1. An unreserved and unconditional retraction in writing of the entire contents of the publication.
  2. A full and effectual publication of the apology and retraction aforesaid to our client who the text defamatory text was sent to.” The statement read

The advocates further added that should Rawbeena fail to comply, they will proceed with the defamation suit.

“In the event we do not get a positive reaction from you, our instructions are to institute a defamation suit against you client for damages without any further reference and at the your client´s peril as to costs and other consequences attached thereto.” Read part of the statement

Efforts to reach Rawbeena for a comment were futile.