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KTN’s Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari Headed For Divorce???


betty-kyallo-Okari-e1447229112892KTN‘s Betty Kyalo has separated from her journalist husband Dennis Okari barely six months after the couple’s much publicised wedding.

In an elegant wedding that was an invite-only affair at the Marula Manor in Karen, Nairobi, the bride and the groom arrived aboard two pricey cars. The two cars bore their names signalling a lifelong union.

The celebrity couple who live tweeted their glamorous wedding and gave almost all the details of their honeymoon are allegedly no longer in good terms.

Things seem to be so bad to the extent that Betty has moved out of their matrimonial home and has rented an apartment in one of the classy estates.

The couple has also for a very long time kept off the social media a situation that is so unlikely of them.