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Kukula fare chronicles: Man reports lady for failing to show up after he sent her fare


A Kenyan lady residing in Kisumu has gone into hiding after spending the money she was sent as fare to see her man.

The lady who reached out to blogger Edgar Obare revealed that the lad had sent her Kes. 2K as fare to his place and instead she spent it.

The man then reached out to her with threats and even told her that he is reporting her to the police.

“Hi Edgar I just want to know if there’s a law against kukula fare. Please ask your fans.” The lady wrote in part


The jilted man then threatened to send cops to the lady’s house and even went ahead to send her the OB number.

“He said he will send police and he doesn’t mind police eating his money to get his 2k back because I’m a fraudster.” She added

The distraught lady is now seeking advice from Kenyans on how to handle the whole situation.