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Kunda Kids Launches Children’s Book Written By Kenyan Author


Kunda Kids, an award-winning London-based children’s publishing, entertainment and Ed-tech firm, has launched ‘Maua and the Garden of Plenty’ an inspiring children’s story that demonstrates the power of a big idea by Kenyan author Linda Omare.

Speaking at the book launch in Nairobi, author Linda Omare, who is the Co-founder of Africa’s popular broadcast company 2nacheki said the children’s book targets children between the ages of 3 to 8 years and tells the story of a little girl who chooses to rise to the challenge of helping her village overcome a food crisis through determination and creativity.

“This book is about teaching valuable lessons to children on self-confidence, resilience and gratitude. It is also entertaining to help them to become better no matter how much they may be looked down upon by those around them,” said Linda.

Commending Linda for her milestone, Kunda Kids Founder Luisa Olafuyi said consistent publishing of children’s literature is a strong pathway to developing a reading culture especially for children who are growing up in the digital era with more exposure to television and internet material and less exposure to reading literature.  

“Congratulations to Linda Omare on your book launch. We hope that many more upcoming authors will be inspired to prioritize fun, progressive and inclusive stories on children’s books across Africa and the rest of the world to enhance reading culture for our children and posterity,”Olafuyi said.

The founder has also guaranteed readers of of quality content citing that the books tells Africans stories as it is.

“At Kunda Kids, our mission is to publish high-quality children’s books starting with the content that relates to Africa’s ancient history and culture.”Oafuyi added.

Illustrated by Nigerian artist Chike Obasi, ‘Maua and the Garden of Plenty’ is the newest publication by a Kenyan author retailing at KES 950 and available at various book stores in Nairobi.

By Rodgers Oduor