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  • Kush Tracey opens up on bleaching at her early-mid 20s.
  • She thought she was more beautiful while bleaching.
  • She said bleaching is addictive and harms body

Transformational speaker and songstress Kush Tracey opens up on having addiction on bleaching her skin at her early age.

Through her Instagram account,she shared that in her early-mid 20s, she was lost and confused thinking that bleaching would make her more beautiful.

”In my early-mid 20s i was lost as they come,yes that 2nd pic is still me ,skin bleached,skinnier,looking like I’m living my best life but the reality is i was broken,lost,confused and definitely lacked an identity,”

”I thought being being light skin made me ‘more beautiful’ but that’s a lie from the pit of hell(no offense to the natural light skins outchea y’all are gorgeous queens.”She wrote.

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Reasons for sharing her story

The reason why she shared her story on bleaching was because so many women have been texting her on how she stopped bleaching and how she got her natural body back.

”Why I’m sharing this today,so many women dm me asking how i stopped bleaching &  got my color back,the reality is i destroyed some parts of my skin then & it’s been a journey of patience &healing to get to where i unconditionally love my skin color ,embrace my unbalanced melanin all the dark parts & light parts equally & I’m no longer ashamed of my story.”She wrote.


Sexy Switch TV presenter KUSH TRACEY announces she has tested positive for COVID-19! (LOOK) | DAILY POST
Kush Tracey while  at Switch Tv. Photo Courtesy

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She never thought skin bleaching was addictive  as she was struggling to stop it because it was harming her body.

”I never thought skin bleaching addiction was an actual thing until i did a lot of research to understand why it was a struggle for me me to just stop doing something that was actually causing harm to my body & i could potentially have severe consequences in the long run( story for another day).”She wrote

She also said she had friends who preferred her to be lighter and she thought it was beautiful.

Kush Tracey is a transformational speaker ,author and a believer and follower of Jesus Christ..

She thanked God for the Bible of embracing the truth and accepting who she is.


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