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Fast rising gengetone rapper Kushman Pedi Wa Magenge had an aspect of kindness when he gifted a street kid his trendy customized t. Shirt emblazoned with his name and photo.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Kushman is captured engaging the street urchin who is wearing a torn shirt.Moments later, the ‘Radar ni Rao’ rapper goes bare chest as he offers his t. Shirt to the street child who dons it having dropped the tattered shirt he had.

He doesn’t stop there, he goes ahead and hands him some small token to get him through.

Ghetto Radio News Team sought the rapper to know more about the gesture. Kushman revealed that the street kid was one of his fan’s. He had followed the rapper while shooting the video to his newest release ‘Ogopa Kanairo’.

“Manze huyo mtoi ni fan wangu kuruka,anamesea ngoma zangu ka zote, alafu niliguzwa sana juu shati yake ilikuwa imechapa sana na hii njeve ya Kanairo ata nashindwa huwa ana survive aje” He stated.

Kushman’s fans were touched by his act of kindness and shared their gratification on the comments section.

“Big up manze Kushman God bless you 👇🥺🤞Bro ❤️” fired one fan.

“This is amazing my G👏🔥let’s all support where we can 🙌” shot another fan.

It’s barely two years since Kushman bumped into the musical world and his music has been on an upward trajectory.

In 2021 and the better part of 2022 he was on the campaign trail with his song ‘Radar ni Rao’ steering opposition chief Raila Odinga’s youthful followers. His other songs such as Nawacha pombe,sijazoea kuteteshwa and kata simu tupo site have cemented his brand as a musical genius.

Many have likened Kushman as a version of Genge Star Mejja for his unrivaled storytelling skills. He maintains that his new song ‘Ogopa Kanairo’ will be a masterclass of it’s own.

For club gigs, He charges between 35k to 50k while for school and university shows you’ll cough between 20k and 30k for his booking.

By Steve Osaka.


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