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“Kwani Iko Nini”,Huddah Does This In Broad Daylight With Nigeria’s Artist Patorankings (Pic)


hudsAsk a number of youths and they will tell you Naivasha is about to become the next party zoo making Nakuru and Nairobi history.

The mention of Manera farm will bring memories of last Thursday,the 31st December 2015 during the Hakuna Matata festival where  ratchetness was observed like the sabbath day ritual!

The event,which was graced by Nigeria’s fire boy Pantoranking himself saw ladies loosing it to socialite Huddah Monroe.

Huddah seemed overwhelmed by Pantoranking’s presence as it is unlike her to bend over any artiste!!Her Instagram handle also said it all as she flooded it with photos of herself and the “Girlie O” singer.

Check her out;