Lady accuses gospel singer Weezdom of infecting her with an STI

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A Kenyan lady identified as  Jane Wambui  has accused gospel artiste Weezdom of allegedly infecting her with an STI.

In a leaked audio doing rounds on social media, the lass reached out to the singer telling him that he infected her with an STI but still needs to go to the hospital to confirm.

The lady also narrates how she has been experiencing pain while peeing and has bloody spots from her privates.

“I think i got an i got an infection jana. I have a lot of pain and some blood nkisusu. Coz if uliniumiza pain haingekua hadi saa hizi. Though am guessing… will tell you ionce i come back from hospital,” she told weezdom.

The singer on however maintains that there is no way he infected the lady because he does not have the symptoms.

“If i had an sti i would have known already..the last time i had sex was six months ago….naogopa kifo” he says

According to the lass, she met the singer after visiting a certain recording studio

“I had gone to a recording studio and that where i met him, it’s there that he learnt my name. He looked for me on instagram and we started talking and it’s after that we became lovers.”

She also accused weezdom of blocking her after confronting him about the sti.

“When i called him and told him that i had picked an sti from him he started calling me names. I told him to give me some cash to go get medical assistance but after that he blocked me.” She added

The news comes just months after Weezdom allegedly exposed gospel star Mr. Seed of cheating on his wife .