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  • The Saturday demolitions have left her so broken after saving for more than 5years to own a comfortable home.
  • Hundreds of families  left homeless
  • Security beefed up as demolitions enter day 4

Lady Bee has confirmed she is among the house owners affected by the Athi River demolitions that have left hundreds of families homeless.

The ‘’Nakiri’ hitmaker says , She watched helplessly as her 5yr investment went  down in seconds.

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She adds that  her faith in God is the only thing that has kept her strong as she tries to come to terms with this unexpected  happening,

‘I cant thank God enough for salvation,because sato ningedie,but am here to testify that indeed the joy of the Lord is my strength’’

In addition , She claims the residents were not notified of the planned, demolitions saying what happened was inhumane,

‘’Why didn’t you give us notice then? Why? ‘’She asked

The Saturday demolitions have left her so broken after saving for more than 5years to own a comfortable home,

‘’Never been broken like this 3 past days,sijakua nalala aki,nimekua najinyima niishi maisha bora 5 years investment inaenda chini kwa dakika’’ decried the songstress.

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Families loose property

Athi River Demolitions (Photo cc of X)


Construction materials have been stolen and valuable property lost amidst the demolitions.

Families have been left in agony not knowing what the future has in store for them ,

‘’watoto wamelala nje,wababa wanalia ,mali imeibiwa yote’’

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Recent Developments

Security has been beefed up on East African Portland Cement Company land as ongoing evictions entered day four on Monday.

The eviction exercise has been scaled up after more bulldozers were brought in during the operations on Sunday.

The demolitions which began on Friday have seen hundreds of residents of the newly created county village in Athi River, Machakos, rendered homeless with several schools and churches pulled down.


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