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Veteran Tanzanian singer Judith Wambura Mbibo popularly known as Lady Jay Dee has found love if her new song ‘I found love’ is anything to go by.

Word on the street is that the Yahaya hitmaker is going out with Ramadee,a musician with whom they’ve collaborated with on the highly sensual song,I found love.

Love Storyline

The song ‘I found love’ is a love song written by fast rising artist G Boy and sang by Lady Jay Dee and Ramadee laced on a high paced dancehall beat.

The lyrics right from the chorus depicts a pair who are deeply into each other and nothing can come in between them.The repetition creates the musicality with easy lines for a smooth sing along.

“I found love,I found love
Haya sio mapenzi this is magic
I found love, I found love
Hata kueleza siwezi,this is magic” goes the chorus.

As the first verse kicks in, the lovebirds take turns to narrate how their love story has blossomed to un imaginable heights and there’s no turning back till eternity.

“Hizo i love you i love you too,tushavuka mipaka ka kunipenda unanipenda tu na wala sina mashaka, breakfast in the morning unanipa supu matata,twende wote jikoni siagi bread nimepaka you’re in my heart nakupenda zaidi,nuru yangu pekee you’re all i want today” goes the verse partly.

The video was shot in an outdoor set up with Lady Jay Dee and Ramadee enjoying some cosy moments, the existence of dancers with great choreography also adds life to it.

Mwijaku Confirms The Pair’s Affair.

Media personality and influencer Mwijaku DC took to his Instagram and revealed Lady Jay Dee being in a romantic relationship with Ramadee.Mwijaku shared a photo embracing Jay Dee and Ramadee at a table with a statement that bore it all.

“Y.O.L.O nimefarijika sana kusikia @jidejaydee na @ramadeeofficial wapo kwenye penzi zito.Mungu awatunze na mfunge ndoa.Kiukweli mmepitia mitihani mingi sana sasa kuleni raha.penzi penzini” wrote Mwijaku

Lady Jay Dee was married to Media Personality Gardner Habash who also acted as her manager.They were married for 11 years before they divorced in 2016 with the former citing infidelity and alcoholism among the causes of their separation.

She has also dated Nigerian artist cum producer Chibuikem Nwanegbo also known as Spicy, nothing much has been heard from them apart from their collaborative piece, Together.

Jay Dee is regarded as one of the most decorated female artist’s in Tanzania with a career spanning more than two decades.To date,she lives lavishly and has invested both in properties and automobiles.

Some of her favorite songs include Wanok nok with Mandojo and Domokaya,Wanaume kama Mabinti featuring Mwanafalsa and Yahaya just to mention but a few.

At 43, Jay Dee has no children and her skin still sparkles with a petite figure to match it.Is Ramadee finally the man in her life, only time will tell.

By Steve Osaka.


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