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Lamu MCA sentenced to 21 years for attempting to break out drug trafficker


By Magi Kadzo

A Lamu court has sentenced Mkomani Ward MCA Yahya Ahmed Shee alias Basode for 21 years and six months in jail for drug trafficking.

Shee was jailed on Wednesday after a court found him guilty of six counts last week, including attempting to aid the escape of convicted drug traffickers in 2017.

The Magistrate Court in Lamu heard that the politician attempted to aid the escape of three convicted drug traffickers, and obstructed police in their lawful execution of duties.

The MCA was also charged with an unlawful attempt to rescue another prisoner namely Ali Mzee on 2nd June 2017 who had also been convicted and sentenced to 10 years for drug trafficking.

Shee was also charged with unlawful attempt to rescue a prisoner, Nyathumani Yusuf, who had been convicted and sentenced to five years in prison.

The court also heard that he unlawfully and willfully obstructed police in the lawful execution of their duties.

Shee faced the sixth and last count under section 80 of the Penal Code where he unlawfully took part in a riot outside the Lamu Law Courts on the same fateful day of June 2, 2017.

Shee will face jail term as follows: First count four years, Second count four years, third count four years, Fourth and Fifth counts a fine of 400,000 or a jail term of four years each and count six, 18 months.