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  • Makongeni ward residents protest plot to Majimbo Grounds.
  • The Private developer had started excavation at the site.

Makongeni residents have condemned an attempt land cartels to grab the famous Majimbo Grounds that is now facing encroachment by grabbers.
Alleged grabbers dug section of the ground ground with the help of police but what buffles residents most is the idea of doing the same at night with the help of authority.
“Majimbo Grounds is the only pitch we have for our children in Kaloleni,it has natured thousands talents in Makadara when you come with an intention of grabbing it will be over our dead.Body so far they tried to careful access part of it but we managed to drive them away.” A resident told Ghetto Radio News.
“Hii hawatakula huyu jamaa anajiita Momanyi asifikrie kuna mtu anamuuzia shamba ya umma.Ametumia doo kubribe wengi kama vile police but we want to assure that he will not make it.” Another resident said.

Majimbo Take Over

Meanwhile the area MCA Peter Imwatok stotmed the area blocking further construction in the said ground.
“We have said in black and white that this land belongs to the people and no one should ever dream of grabbing anything in Makongeni leave alone Majimbo. We have warned them to stop this is public utility not a space for grabbers,”He said in a statement to media houses.

“We have already in touch with all partners including the County Government of Nairobi and other authorities to ensure nothing continues here that’s impunity of the highest order and we can’t allow that to continue because we have no place for land grabbers. ” he added.

September 25, 2023

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