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Landlord removes doors from tenant’s houses over rent arrears


Tenants of a building in Ngei have raised concern over the state of security after their landlord removed all doors from their houses.

According to the tenants of Trigan apartments, the landlord came in the morning and ordered every tenant out before removing every door from the houses.

Eunice Mumbi, a bar attender who has been unemployed following the government directives to shut down pubs and clubs said she has a Kes.1500 rent arrears that she has been unable to pay.


Mumbi said they reported the matter and were promised that the doors will be re-installed but it has not yet been reinstalled.

“He came and ordered us out of the house. I personally asked him to wait for me to try and look for some cash to pay him but before I went far he removed the door. I worked at a pub as a waitress but I have not been able to work. I owe him 1500 for the April rent and 4500 for this month’s rent but he has refused to listen to my pleas. Why do this yet we have always paid the rent?” She said

Mumbi says she was forced to sell some of her household staff in March in order to pay the rent.