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Larry Madowo Lists Worst Guests On The Trend In 2016

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larry-lupitaLarry Madowo is the king of being ‘queen of drama’, he is raw and uncut. It looks like his vacation in Paris has given him ample time to reflect on the guests he hosted on his show, the trend and in a article that could borrow Dela’s title ‘kucatch maffelings, he has listed his worst guests ever for 2016 but was also kind enough to give caesar his worthy coin for those guests who were cool peeps. Here are the vampire guests he poured holy water on

Lupita Nyongo

So many things have been said about Lupita that it would be impossible to imagine a negative review on her, but Larry ni nani? He went ham on the decorated hollywood actress insinuating she was a spoilt brat who had lost her sense of belonging and roots.

Lupita Nyong’o was detached and appeared bored throughout the rest of the interview, which prompted some to say she didn’t value African presenters, compared with her American appearances. The interview ended abruptly when I asked about reports that she was a prima donna and I was ushered out without a picture.”

Koffi Olomide,Flavour and Sinach

Looks like Larry is a sour stand up, he mulikas you badly if you don’t show for a date with him. Koffi ditched him for Lilian’s Muli show, Flavour was apparently in bad moods after an argument with immigration and didnt feel like an interview and Sinach, oh well, according to Larry this one chose to be an absolute diva refusing to leave her room


According to Larry’s rant, Nyashinski came out as the boyfriend who doesnt have enough balls to ditch a girl but chooses to engage someone else hoping you will get the message. Here is what he said about the ‘Mungu pekee’ hit song artist

“Every so often, there is also a guest like Nyashinski who confirms, then stops answering calls and ends up on another station station.”

Others who faced his wrath were, Rudisha and  Jimmy Gait

He wasn’t mean all through however, some of his cool peeps in his books were South Africa’s iconic jazz maestro Hugh Masekela who was too kind to even mind his balls when he the trend host put his phone a tit bit too close to his*** adn the bubbly Alaine who warmed his heart.

“Mercifully, most of our guests are lovely people who will teach you new words, like Mafikizolo; drop tonnes of wisdom, like Oliver Mtukudzi; or bring genuine joy, like Yemi Alade. There will be kind people who respect your colleagues, like British rapper Tinie Tempah, or misunderstood personalities like Chameleone, who is nicer then people give him credit for. There are often beautiful souls like Alaine, the vibrant Mi Casa trio, or South African celebrity chefs Benny Masekwameng and Siba Mtongana.

Mukami Kanyi


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